Al-Shehubi: return of all Libyan pilgrims from the Holy Land will be in no more than six days

Tripoli-GNU Minister of Communications Mohammed Al-Shehubi expects all Libyan pilgrims to return from Saudi Arabia within five to six days.

He attributed, in a statement posted on the Ministry's Facebook page, reason for the delay in the return of these pilgrims from Saudi Arabia to the confusion witnessed by Jeddah airport, confirming that 14.5 thousand Libyan pilgrims have already returned to the homeland.

The Minister explained that the Libyan Airlines and Afriqiyah Airways companies were coordinating work in order to return the remaining 4.5 thousand pilgrims.

"A Libyan Airlines plane arrived Tuesday at Jeddah airport, followed by three Afriqiyah planes to transport the rest of the pilgrims," the Minister said, expecting the process to take up to six days.

Source: Libyan News Agency