Security Cooperation: Morocco’s Top Police Chief Signs MoU with Brazilian Peer

Agadir – In a bid to strengthen bilateral cooperation and exchange experiences in the security field, Director-General of National Security and Territorial Surveillance, Abdellatif Hammouchi, signed, on Tuesday in Agadir, a memorandum of understanding with General-Director of the Brazilian Federal Police, Andrei Augusto Passos Rodrigues.

The MoU was signed at the DGSN Open Days venue, on the sidelines of a working visit by General-Director of the Brazilian Federal Police to the Kingdom of Morocco, the Directorate General of National Security (DGSN) said in a press release.

This document aims to develop cooperation channels between Moroccan and Brazilian security services in the fight against transnational organized crime, including the fight against the trafficking of drugs, psychotropic substances, terrorism, trafficking in human beings and migrants, firearms, ammunition, explosives and their components, money laundering, document forgery and cybercrime, the press release pointed out.

Operationally and in
terms of technical assistance, the MoU provides for promoting experience exchange in the field of police training and capacity building, the exchange of information, technical tools and technologies, as well as supporting joint investigations and inquiries and identifying permanent contact mechanisms between the two parties.

This visit was an opportunity to inform the General-Director of the Brazilian Federal Police of the experience of the annual DGSN Open Days, alternating between the regions of the Kingdom, the press release noted, adding that Rodrigues visited the various stands and took note of the presentations to citizens as well as the objectives of this event, embodying the concept of community policing.

This visit embodies the central role that the Moroccan security services play within the system of international cooperation in this field, through their role as a reliable partner, capable of meeting growing security challenges, and a regional hub of support for bilateral and multilateral police c
ooperation with various countries around the world.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Morocco Calls for Deep Reflection on Future of International Nuclear Security Conference Process

Vienna – Ambassador, Permanent Representative of the Kingdom of Morocco in Vienna, Azzedine Farhane, pleaded on Tuesday for a deep reflection on the future of the international nuclear security conference process.

‘Morocco proposes to launch a deep reflection on the future of this process of international conferences on nuclear security. We believe that there is no fatigue in nuclear security which remains a central theme that we, as Member States, should continue to prioritize to meet the emerging challenges and expectations linked to the use of nuclear energy for peaceful purposes,’ he said, in an intervention on behalf of Morocco, on the occasion of the ‘International Conference on Nuclear Security: Shaping the Future’ (ICONS 2024), taking place from May 20 to 24 in Vienna.

Speaking at the conclave, organized on the initiative of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA), the diplomat noted that identifying clear objectives and priorities for international conferences on nuclear security ‘will serve
the visibility of this significant multilateral process in perspective of the upcoming International Conference on Nuclear Security to be held in 2028.’

In the same vein, Farhane stressed that it is time to consider organizing a high-level segment on nuclear security under the leadership of IAEA during the work of the UN General Assembly, as an inclusive framework to garner the unwavering support of Heads of State and Government for the IAEA’s action to strengthen its international nuclear security regime.

With regard to Morocco’s contribution to strengthening nuclear security, the diplomat reiterated the Kingdom’s attachment, under the high guidance of His Majesty King Mohammed VI, to the principles of South-South cooperation and African solidarity, as well as its commitment to pursuing its actions in favor of strong multilateral cooperation to promote peace and security.

During the last decade, he said, Morocco’s contributions to international efforts to strengthen the international nuclear security regi
me was rich in its content, diversified in its methodology and multifaceted in its dynamics. This contribution emanates from its constant commitment to disarmament and non-proliferation and its deep conviction of the role of multilateral action in this area.

At the regional level, Morocco, in recent years, has been, according to the IAEA records, one of the leading countries in Africa providing training, workshop, education, and sharing technical expertise with all African Member States, added Farhane, at the conference, which is being held for the fourth time after the 2013, 2016 and 2020 editions.

Morocco, he added, reaffirms the principle according to which the primary responsibility for nuclear security rests entirely with the States, in accordance with their national obligations and international commitments.

In his view, the ICONS 2024 presents a valuable chance to assess the progress made during the last decade, identify the needs of States to establish relevant targets and priorities within the IAE
A and lay solid foundations to Shape the Future of Nuclear Security.

According to the organizers, representatives from more than 130 countries are taking part in ICONS 2024, which covers several topics ranging from nuclear safety regulation to nuclear safety capacity building.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

2024 African Lion Holds Simulation Exercise at Agadir’s Combined Operations Center

Agadir – A command post exercise (CPX) is taking place at the Combined Operations Center, set up at the Southern Zone Headquarters in Agadir, on the occasion of the 20th edition of the African Lion exercise, held in accordance with the High Instructions of HM the King, Supreme Commander, and Chief of General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces.

The CPX (May 20-31) is a simulation exercise aimed at testing the readiness and ability of participants to ensure the operational preparedness of the Combined Joint Task Force. It brings together military officers from different nationalities to train them in the planning and execution of joint operations and the implementation of coordination procedures between units.

This simulation exercise is scheduled for the benefit of a Combined Joint Task Force, with its land, air, sea, and special forces components, to ensure the planning and execution of joint operations. The goal of the CPX is to strengthen interoperability among participants within a Combined Joint Task Force
designed to counter a large-scale conventional threat, combined with actions from terrorist groups.

Participants from various nationalities have closely collaborated to enhance coordination and improve skills in planning and conducting operations. This exercise facilitates the sharing of expertise and know-how. It is an effective means for consolidating knowledge in planning, conducting, and coordinating operations among the different components: land, air, sea, and special forces.

On Monday, a ceremony was held at the Southern Zone Headquarters in Agadir, announcing the official launch of the “African Lion” exercise, attended by representatives of the participating countries.

Approximately 7,000 military personnel from about twenty countries, along with the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), are participating alongside the Royal Armed Forces (FAR) and the U.S. Armed Forces in these large-scale military maneuvers.

Scheduled to take place in Benguerir, Agadir, Tantan, Akka, and Tifnit, the 2024 Afr
ican Lion exercise includes various activities such as combined tactical, land, maritime, and air exercises, both day and night, a special forces exercise, and airborne operations.

This twentieth edition also includes training in countering weapons of mass destruction and a series of medical-surgical and social services provided to the population of the Akka region by a field hospital.

Contributing to the strengthening of operational, technical, and procedural interoperability among the participating armies, the “African Lion 2024” exercise, the largest conducted in Africa, remains an essential event where military officers exchange procedures and experiences, particularly in combined joint training and exercises.

This twentieth edition testifies to the enduring cooperation between the Royal Armed Forces and the U.S. Armed Forces, reflecting the historic and strong ties between the two countries.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Morocco, U.S. Boost Military Cooperation

Rabat – Morocco and the United States signed, on Tuesday in Rabat, a roadmap for military cooperation, which includes guidelines for implementing the activities agreed at the 13th session of the Morocco-U.S. Defense Consultative Committee (DCC).

At the end of the second working meeting of the Morocco-U.S. DCC at the headquarters of the General Staff of the Royal Armed Forces (FAR), decorations were also awarded by His Majesty the King, Supreme Commander and Chief of the General Staff of the FAR, to three American officers in recognition of their efforts to develop and promote Moroccan-American military cooperation.

They are Major General Daniel Boyack, Commander of the Utah State National Guard, Lt-Colonel Teremuura Shamel, Chief of the Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) at the American Embassy in Rabat, and Major Christopher Tarbet, of the Office of Security Cooperation (OSC) at the American Embassy in Rabat, in charge of bilateral affairs.

In execution of the High Royal Instructions concerning the hold
ing of the 13th Session of the DCC, Lieutenant General, Inspector General of the FAR and Commander of the South Zone, received on Monday, at the FAR General Staff headquarters, the U.S. Assistant Secretary of Defense for International Security Affairs, Celeste Wallander, accompanied by the US Defense Attaché accredited to Morocco, leading a large military delegation, on a working visit to Morocco on May 17-22.

The Defense Consultative Committee meeting provides a platform for strategic dialogue on crucial regional security issues, and outlines future action plans with AFRICOM and the Utah State National Guard, as well as capacity-building projects managed by the Defense Security Cooperation Agency (DSCA).

Moroccan-American military cooperation is governed by bilateral Agreements, Memoranda of Understanding and Technical Arrangements, which set out the terms and conditions of cooperation.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Bern Says There is No Official polisario Representation Either at UN Office in Geneva or to Swiss Government

Bern – The Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs said ‘that there is no official representation of the polisario front either at the United Nations Office in Geneva or to the Federal Council (Swiss Government),’ inflicting yet another slap in the face for the separatists.

In a clarification issued in a Note Verbale addressed to the Embassy of the Kingdom of Morocco in Bern, the Swiss Federal Department said that ‘the polisario front office in Geneva enjoys no privileges or immunity in Switzerland.’

This is yet another defeat for the polisario in its quest to promote its fallacious theses.

In this respect, the Swiss Federal Department points out that the so-called polisario representative in Switzerland has once again been told to avoid using names and titles that would suggest that it is an official polisario representation.

This is a scathing slap in the face inflicted on the polisario by the Swiss Federal Department of Foreign Affairs, following the disoriented maneuvers led by the so-called polis
ario representative in Switzerland, posing as the ambassador representing this separatist front in this country and at the United Nations Office and international organizations in Geneva.

After the numerous slaps in the face inflicted on the polisario by several countries, and the multiple maneuvers of the separatists doomed to failure, the international community is well aware and refuses to let itself be taken hostage by an intellectual and historical swindle maintained by the polisario and its mentor for decades.

Source: Agence Marocaine De Presse

Palestine Committee at Arab Parliament Commends HRH Crown Prince’s Speech at Arab Summit in Bahrain

Cairo, The member of the Shura Council and the Palestine Committee of the Arab Parliament, Assaf bin Salem Abu Thuneen, explained that the committee has commended the speech of His Royal Highness Prince Mohammed bin Salman bin Abdulaziz Al Saud, Crown Prince and Prime Minister of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, at the recent Arab League Summit in Bahrain.

Abu Thuneen said that members of the Palestine Committee have praised HRH the Crown Prince for re-emphasizing the Kingdom’s unwavering support for the Palestinian cause and his call for a just and lasting solution based on United Nations resolutions and the Arab peace initiatives.

The committee also commended the outcomes of the Arab Summit in Manama concerning the Palestinian cause.

Source: Saudi Press Agency