TRIPOLI— The International Organization for Migration (IOM) said that 23 illegal immigrants have been rescued off the Libyan coast. “Today, 23 migrants, among them two women and one child were returned to Libya by the coast guard,” IOM tweeted. “IOM staff who were onsite provided emergency assistance. More than 7,000Read More →

Situational Overview Following an intensification of conflict in southern Tripoli, Tarhouna and Sirt in June 2020, around 30,000 people were forced to flee their homes. The majority of those displaced moved to the east of the country, particularly to Benghazi and Ejdabia, while others moved to the West, notably toRead More →

Tripoli-The Governor of Central Bank of Libya Al Sidiq Al Kabir, Chairman of the National Committee for Combating Money Laundering and Terror Financing, has signed a cooperation agreement with the Interior Ministry to fight corruption and money laundering. The agreement was signed by the Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha. the eventRead More →

Tripoli-The Director of the National Disease Control Center Badr Iddin Al Najjar said Covid 19 infection situation in Libya is spiking particularly in Tripoli and Misrata and the southern region as well. The spread of the CoronaVirus in Tripoli is surging more in the municipalities of Abu Salim, Hai AlRead More →

Tripoli- Member of the Presidential Council, Dr. Muhammad Amari Zayed, met the Turkish Ambassador to Libya, Mr. Serhat Aksen today, to discuss bilateral relations between the two friendly countries. During the meeting held at the Cabinet Office in Tripoli, Dr. Amari discussed the military situation in Sirte and Al-Jufrah, theRead More →

Greece’s entire armed forces are on emergency alert Monday following Turkey’s decision to send a vessel to explore potential drilling sites off the coast of two Greek islands in the southeast Aegean Sea. The escalation comes after Greece and Egypt signed a maritime deal blocking Turkish access to the EasternRead More →