Tripoli-The National Oil Company ushered in good news to the Libyan people of end of the opening of all oil fields and terminals across the country after a series of blockages that lasted more than a year. The Company said it instructed the operator of Mellita Company to resume productionRead More →

Tripoli-The Al Sidra Oil Terminal has resumed oil exports following an announcement by the National Oil Company of lifting the Force Majeure on Al Sidra and Ras Lanouf terminals. The oil tanker Netotsi Bott flying the Iceland flag has docked at the terminal to upload a total of 630000 barrelsRead More →

Work has resumed at three of Libya’s five oil port facilities after an eight-month hiatus. However, two ports have yet to resume work, including Libya’s largest, the al-Sharara oil field. Libyan media reported sporadic militia clashes in the capital, Tripoli, but the resumption of oil production at three of theRead More →

Tripoli-The National Oil Company has announced that the losses incurred as a result of the blocking of oil exports have reached LD 9 billion. The losses from oil blockage underway since 18 January 2020 have reached LD 9,103,000000. The NOC said the oil blockage would lead to electricity outages. inRead More →

Cameroon has blocked cereals exports, including millet and corn, to Nigeria as a food security measure after a production drop.  Authorities blamed the decrease in food production on its northern border on the threat from Boko Haram terrorists. Damian Kinkoh of the food control unit of Cameroon’s Trade Ministry saysRead More →