President Al-Mashat chairs an expanded meeting of leaders of local and executive authorities in capital secretariat

Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Chairman of the Supreme Political Council, chaired on Sunday the expanded meeting of the leaders of the local authority, the Executive Office, members of the House of Representatives and the Shura Council, and social figures in the capital secretariat.

During the meeting, which was attended by the Speaker of the House of Representatives, Brother Yahya Al-Rai, the Prime Minister, Dr. Abdulaziz bin Habtoor, the Deputy Prime Minister for Economic Affairs, Dr. Rashid Abu Lahoum, and a number of officials, President Al-Mashat thanked all the loyal hands that participated in completing the work that was opened today in the capital secretariat, led by the Madhbah Bridge and other projects being implemented, estimated to cost 58 billion and 500 million riyals.

He appreciated the sincere efforts of the cadres working in all the streets of the capital secretariat employees, which indicate high determination, in conjunction with the Yemeni people’s celebrations of the September holidays and their readiness to commemorate the birth of the best of human beings, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family.

President Al-Mashat said: “From the capital of steadfastness and challenge, the capital of history, civilization and culture, and the capital of all Yemenis, I extend through you my greetings to the masses of the Yemeni people in all governorates of the Republic, and I congratulate everyone on the eternal September holidays, as well as the birth of the best of human beings, Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family,” which The masses of our people in all governorates will celebrate it.” He pointed out that the Yemeni people express on this occasion joy, pride, and belonging to history, the message, and Islam.

He praised the work and achievements he witnessed while laying the foundation stone for this year’s projects, the cost of which is estimated at more than 21 billion riyals, in the Municipality of the Capital. He pointed out that these projects will be implemented next year with the sincere efforts of all the employees of the Secretariat, led by the Mayor of the Capital, who is making sincere efforts in the current status.

He stressed the importance of everyone being keen to redouble efforts so that the capital secretariat lives up to the aspirations and sacrifices of the Yemeni people. He said: “We want the capital of the Republic of Yemen to be a capital worthy of the sacrifices and aspirations of our people.”

He added: "Everyone must work and make the criticism that comes from here or there fuel to continue the journey and produce more and more. Our people deserve a lot from us, and the capital of Yemen of faith and wisdom requires us to exert all our efforts and all our time to improve the image of this capital, which the world has flocked to, and the most infidel and hypocritical countries have flocked to.”

His Excellency the President pointed out that despite the limited capabilities, as the budget of the Municipality of the Capital does not reach eight percent of what was approved for it in previous periods, the Municipality of the Capital was nevertheless able to provide a decent model, while the hope remains that more and more will be accomplished.

His Excellency the President explained that the successes are many and the challenges and difficulties are great, but these cadres will rise to the challenge, and the good people of this people will continue the challenge until achieving the victory that befits the sacrifices of this people.

His Excellency the President directed all officials to be at the level of responsibility in serving the people, considering that serving citizens is a responsibility and an honor for every official in the state. He added: “We have said in many speeches that if the official does not turn his office into a shrine of worship in the service of the people, then he is not worthy of responsibility and does not with the chair he's sitting on.

He stated that in the first days of the Supreme Political Council assuming responsibility, the capital secretariat was going through a sanitation crisis that no capital in the world is experiencing, but with concerted efforts and willpower, all these difficulties were overcome. He said: “We must thank all the achievements and receive all the comments and criticisms and we make it fuel to improve work and performance.”

President Al-Mashat stated that the Yemeni people are about to celebrate the honorable birth of the Prophet, and all officials must work with a steadfast spirit in all the suburbs of the secretariat in preparation and rejoicing over the birth of the Messenger, may God’s prayers be upon him and his family, as is the confidence of the Leader, who is betting that these faces will be at the level of reception for this occasion.

He directed everyone to continue serving the people, facing difficulties, and dealing positively with citizens in works, improvement, and all offices. Any employee who deals with people without responsibility does not represent or honor everyone.

He stressed that the Yemeni people are counting on the September 21 revolution to have great entitlements and aspirations, and everyone must live up to these entitlements and aspirations

Source: Yemen News Agency