Lana Correspondent: Nature protectors warn of danger of illegal hunting for migratory birds.

Al Wahat, A number of natural diversity and wildlife activists condemned what they called the over-hunting of migratory birds in both directions from Europe and Africa through the skies of Libya, and the threat it poses to environmental diversity.

Ahmed Al Majbari, one of those interested in bird breeds in Jallo, revealed in a statement to the Libyan News Agency correspondent that more than thirty hunting groups were monitored this year in the oases and Al Sarir area, coming from various cities, to monitor the crossing of falcons, wild ducks and other species that breed this season, in addition to catching hundreds of birds known locally are "starlings" and desert doves, which they use as hunting bait, warning that loss of important species famous for the Libyan desert which contribute to the balance food breed and elimination of insects and rodents and the benefit it achieves in preserving the biological diversity in Libya.

He explained that these unfair hunting operations caused many flocks of birds to change the course of their flights through Libyan lands to other paths and directions.

Activists pointed out that some people of substance from inside and outside Libya promote the marketing of these birds and pay large sums of money in auctions in which large sums are offered for purchase, which motivates young people and hunters to race for hunt of everything that this beautiful desert contain without controls or caring to protect and the natural stock which our country is famous for.

Source: Libyan News Agency