In an article sent to Lana: Chinese Ambassador asserts his country’s firm position to uphold Libya’s sovereignty, independence, territorial integrity and withdrawal of foreign troops

Tripoli- Chinese Ambassador to Libya Wang Ximin wrote a lengthy article on Chinese President Xi Jinping's global security initiative which he put forward at the 2022 Boao Asian Forum annual meeting entitled "Working hand in hand to meet challenges and open up prospects for the future through cooperation" stemming from China's experience in participating in the management of international security over the years.

The Chinese Ambassador said in an article, a copy of which was sent to the Libyan News Agency, that this initiative clearly answers the issue of the times of "what security concept the world needs and how countries can achieve common security", and clearly reflects international sentiment and the style of Chinese leadership as a large country concerned with the cause of peace and global development, and Chinese solutions to meet the challenges of international security.

Ambassador Ximin explained that this initiative takes the "six commitments" as the core of "commitment to the concept of common, comprehensive, cooperative and sustainable security, working together to maintain world peace and security - commitment to respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of all states, not to interfere in the affairs of other countries, to respect the development methods and social systems chosen by the peoples of the world by their own will - to abide by the purposes and principles of the Charter of the United Nations, to renounce the mentality of the Cold War, to oppose unilateralism and not to exercise the policy of blocs or confrontation. Between camps - commitment to pay attention to the reasonable security concerns of all countries and to establish a balanced, effective and sustainable security framework based on the principle of indivisible insecurity and opposition to the pursuit of national security at the expense of the national security of others - Commitment to finding peaceful solutions to differences and disputes between States through dialogue and consultation, supporting all efforts that contribute to peaceful solutions to crises, not allowing double standards and opposing indiscriminate unilateral sanctions or exercising "long-arm competence - commitment to protect security in traditional and non-traditional areas, and working together to address regional conflicts and global issues such as terrorism, climate change, cybersecurity and biosecurity.

The initiative stemmed from diplomatic traditions with Chinese characteristics. On both the Ukraine issue, the Middle East issue, the Iranian nuclear issue, the nuclear issue of the Korean peninsula, and the Afghan issue in which China stands by peace, dialogue, equity and justice, and always listens to the voices and interests of all parties concerned.

Ambassador Wang Ximin pointed out that China's position on the Libyan issue is firm and clear, which is to uphold the sovereignty, independence and territorial integrity of the State of Libya, and call on all parties to build consensus and bridge differences, find a solution to the political impasse through dialogue and consultation as soon as possible and create conditions for presidential and parliamentary elections, and the Chinese side supports the role of the United Nations as a major channel of mediation, and calls for the withdrawal of foreign forces and mercenaries from Libya as soon as possible.

The Chinese Ambassador concluded his article by saying that the history of mankind has proven time and again that without peace, development is water without a source -- and without safety, prosperity is a tree without roots, indicating that the Global Security Initiative is another public product that China has provided to the international community after the Global Development Initiative. The Chinese side is preparing to work with the international community to make the Global Security Initiative take root and bear fruit so the world becomes more peaceful, secure and prosperous.

Source: Libyan News Agency