Head of GNU Government participates in the Amazigh new year celebrations in Nalut.

Nalut, The head of the Government of National Unity, Abdul Hamid Al Deiba, at the head of a large ministerial delegation attended the Amazigh new year celebrations held Thursday afternoon in Nalut in the presence of the president of the Supreme Council of Amazigh Libya.

The ceremony was attended by a number of government ministers, directors of centers and bodies, mayors of Amazigh city municipalities and surrounding areas, and a gathering of residents of Nalut and nearby cities. In a speech at the event, the Head of the Government congratulated all of Libyan Amazigh of the new year, saying: I am proud that we in the municipality of Nalut this blessed land, the birthplace of the mujahedeen Khalifa Bin Askar, who was brought up in it, as well as writer and preacher "Ali Yahya Muammar" the religious and educational figure, and I am happy to be among you in this historical city the city of jihad Nalut, and I congratulate you on the occasion of the new Amazigh Year.

"The government of national unity seeks to affirm the principles of consultation and unite the efforts of its children without any distinction, and that whenever we have the opportunity, we will participate in any municipality and be among our people and ask and be reassured of their situation," he said. The Prime Minister vowed to support the municipality of Nalut and improve its infrastructure to ensure a better life for its inhabitants, hoping that this year will be a good year for development and prosperity for all parts of the country.

For his part, the president of the Supreme Council of Libyan Amazigh Al Hadi Bel Raqiq confirmed that this celebration is a celebration for the whole country through its generations, explaining that the Amazigh names are linked to the land and are still immortal in the names of the regions to this day, and in every part of the country, pointing out that the Amazigh have suffered for many years of denial of their rights, and it is time to overcome these stages with all its residues and start towards a future based on participation and justice among all.

The Mayor of Nalut Abdul Wahab Al-Hajjam welcomed the Prime Minister and his ministerial delegation to participate in the ceremony, saying that the city has its roots in the depths of history and presented the first initiative to pardon prisoners and hosted the forum of reconciliation and national unity and was the first to be organized internally without foreign interventions.

The mayor of Nalut called on the government to make courageous and bold decisions to solve the problems facing the municipality, which is the first line of defense for the national security of the Libyan state.

Source: Libyan News Agency