Government Agencies and Teams of Volunteers Provide High Level Services to Pilgrims arriving at Halat Ammar Border Crossing

Tabuk, Saudi Arabia, Pilgrims are still being received in the Hajj lounge at Halat Ammar Border Crossing, Tabuk Region, round the clock, and offered comprehensive services by various government agencies operating under the direct supervision of Governor of Tabuk, and Region General Supervisor of Hajj affairs Prince Fahd bin Sultan bin Abdulaziz.

More than 200 volunteers of both genders are participating in the provision of these services at this location, which has witnessed the influx of pilgrims from Egypt, Jordan and Palestine.

Pilgrims interviewed by the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) praised the facilities and services provided at Halat Ammar, the good reception and generous hospitality, and thanked the wise leadership for the care they receive and the services provided by the concerned authorities.

Source: Saudi Press Agency