Envoy of Government of National Unity announces that Congress will vote on “Libya Stability” law.

Washington, The envoy of the Government of National Unity to the United States, Mohamed Abdullah Al-Darrat, expressed his satisfaction with the provisions of the American bill for "stabilizing Libya", Al-Darrat said, in a tweet: This law “supports efforts to stop destabilizing actors and shows broad support in the US Congress for holding free and fair elections in Libya and the positive participation of the international community at this time is part of what It is required to achieve lasting democracy in Libya). And he said in another tweet: ‘This law will require the US President to submit a list of people who will be penalized within 180 days of its issuance, and the US government will update the list annually, and it is expected that the law will be put to a vote in the US House of Representatives in the coming days).

Source: Libyan News Agency