Dbaiba: 48% Of The Development Section Will Be Allocated To The Maintenance Of All Oil Fields And Ports.

Tripoli, The Prime Minister of the Government of National Unity, "Abdul Hamid al-Dbaiba," demanded today, Saturday, the necessity of supporting oil projects and spending on maintaining all fields and ports to reach large levels of production that may reach 4 million barrels per day.

During his speech on the "President Answers" program, which was followed by the Libyan News Agency on Saturday, Dbaiba stressed that 48% of the development section will be allocated to the oil sector, calling for the need to turn to alternative energies.

Dbaiba said that our country's oil resources should be optimally exploited before the world dispenses with oil, pointing out that Libya's production of crude oil should reach 4 or 5 million barrels per day to build our institutions and benefit from them in development programs.

Source: Libyan News Agency