CBL Follows up on Execution of Upgrade of E Payment Market Strategy.

Tripoli, The Governor of the Central Bank of Libya Al Siduq Al Kabir held a meeting on Tuesday with Directors of Bank departments and advisers, as part of the follow up of execution of CBL strategy to upgrade electronic payment market.

The meeting discussed upgrading the electronic portal project, for payment in foreign currency, which allows clients to use all available international electronic payment methods to pay in foreign currency including PayPal.

The meeting discussed the cheque clearing mechanism between banks, and how far banks were committed to accepting the clearance cheques without hindrance, and their abiding by CBL instructions on the matter.

The meeting also discussed CBL plan to provide liquidity at all banks’ branches, and to make sure that it is available at all branches with transfer of additional amounts of liquidity to various Libyan regions.

Source: Libyan News Agency