Training session for female civilian volunteers at Reserve Force kicks off

The training session of the first batch of female civilian volunteers at the Reserve Force kicked off at the Bahrain Defence Force today.

Major-General Muneer Ahmed Al-Subaie, Royal Reserve Force Unit Commander, attended the opening of the course, held at the Isa Royal Military College, with the participation of female civilian volunteers from the relatives of the military and civilian staff and retirees of the BDF and the National Guard.

The training session aims to provide military training for the participants in order to enable them to carry out their patriotic role in serving and defending the nation, alongside their brethren from the BDF, based on the keenness of His Majesty King Hamad bin Isa Al Khalifa, the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, to advance the status of Bahraini women.

The BDF has prepared well for the training session by providing all requirements, equipping the classrooms, selecting the best trainers and offering the best study subjects that cover military sciences, theoretical materials and practical training programmes, which will ensure the graduation of well-trained and qualified female civilian reservists.

Source: Bahrain News Agency (BNA)

Gmail Allows Response with Emojis

In a potential game-changer for email communication, Gmail is reportedly in the testing phase of a feature that allows users to send emoji reactions in response to emails. This functionality aims to infuse email interactions with a touch of informality and engagement, mirroring how emojis are widely used in text messages and social media comments.

Recent reports from The Verge, Chrome Unboxed, and PCMag shed light on this upcoming feature, indicating that it could soon be rolled out to users. The functionality was initially discovered in the iOS Gmail app’s code by Steve Moser of The Tape Drive last month.

Users will have the option to send emoji reactions directly from the email screen or through the three-dot overflow menu, although the latter option is currently disabled during the testing phase.

Google has hinted at its eagerness to integrate this feature into Gmail, further confirming its potential impact on email communication. Some Gmail users have already received messages notifying them that they are among the first to access emoji reactions, suggesting a gradual rollout to a select group for initial testing, as reported by Android Police. Strings found within the Android app also affirm that emoji reactions are on the horizon, according to 9to5Google.

The introduction of emoji reactions has the potential to revolutionise email correspondence, providing a quick and informal means of responding without the need for lengthy replies. This could prove particularly valuable in professional settings where quick acknowledgments are often required.

Source: Qatar News Agency

Education Above All Foundation Launches Project to Enroll All Out-Of-School Children in Rwanda

The global Education Above All (EAA) Foundation announced a partnership aimed at providing quality primary education to every remaining out-of-school child (OOSC) in Rwanda.

In a statement, the EAA said that a framework agreement was signed between EAA through EAA’s Educate A Child program and the government of Rwanda and Save the Children to ensure Zero OOSC, with the support of Qatar Fund for Development. The new project targets the hardest to reach OOSC in Rwanda.

This agreement builds on the achievements made by the Government of Rwanda and its partners in recent years. Due to their sustained efforts, the number of children needing to be enrolled in school is only approximately 177,000.

During the launch, HE Rwanda’s Minister of State for Education Claudette Irere reiterated the significance of education to all and demonstrated the Government’s efforts towards the initiative.

“One of our major priorities is access to quality Education, leaving no child behind and ensuring their retention, transition, and completion throughout the Education system. This partnership complements our ongoing efforts of ensuring that no child drops out of school. We look forward to a successful collaboration.” Commenting on this project, Executive Director of EAA Foundation’s Educate A Child program Dr Mary Joy Pigozzi, says: “This partnership with Save the Children offers concrete opportunities to Rwanda’s children who have been left out of education. We thank the government of Rwanda, whose commitment will ensure that every single out-of-school girl and boy is given a chance to learn and thrive.” Save the Children President and CEO Janti Soeripto said: “For more than 100 years, Save the Children has been committed to helping children access education to reach their full potential. We are honored to work together with the Education Above All Foundation and the Ministry of Education of Rwanda to ensure
all children, including those with disabilities, can go to school to learn and grow. As the world’s leading child rights organization, Save the Children has a responsibility to deliver programs inclusive of children with disabilities that maintain their dignity and secure their full, effective and equal participation.” EAA’s Zero OOSC was launched in 2019. A framework agreement was signed between EAA and the government of Rwanda in 2021 to ensure Zero OOSC, EAA’s Educate A Child program and Save the Children have partnered on a new project in the country, targeting the hardest to reach OOSC in Rwanda.

Source: Qatar News Agency

TVTC Trainee Wins Gold at WorldInvent Singapore

Danah Ibrahim from the Technical College for Girls in Buraidah, which is one of the Technical and Vocational Training Corporation (TVTC) training facilities, has won a gold medal for her ” Magic Move” project at the International Invention Show “WorldInvent Singapore”, held from September 4 to 6.

The project helps autistic children communicate with the help of specific innovative tools. The children can make drawings in the air using a special stick that mirrors their drawings on a screen, thus helping them communicate their feelings and thoughts freely to others and allowing health professionals to assess their progress.

This achievement reflects TVTC’s keenness to support innovation, nurture and empower Saudi innovators and foster smart solutions.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Saudi Team Receives U.S. National Science Foundation Research Grant Worth $1.2 Million

The U.S. National Science Foundation (NSF) has provided a research grant worth $1.2 million to a research team consisting of three American universities led by Saudi academic and faculty member at the University of California, Dr. Faisal Nawab.

Dr. Nawab said in a statement to the Saudi Press Agency (SPA) that the universities participating in the research team include the University of California at Irvine, the University of California at Davis, and New Jersey Tech, noting that the project aims to address the challenges of data protection and privacy in Internet applications and smart cities.

He added that the project seeks to enable the transformation of the current data infrastructure to comply with user data protection legislation and regulations, such as the personal data protection system that the Kingdom is working on, represented by the Saudi Data and Artificial Intelligence Authority (SDAIA).

He stated that the team’s mission will last four years, and its first results will be revealed at the Data Systems Development Conference in Italy and will be presented and discussed annually at the NSF.

Dr. Nawab highlighted his cooperation with some Saudi universities and entities through his research laboratory at the University of California for this goal, adding that Saudi Arabia, represented by SDAIA, was the first to introduce systems and regulations for data protection in a way that guarantees user rights and that personal data protection.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Taif Education Launches Teaching Chinese Language in Taif Schools

The General Administration of Education in Taif Governorate has launched the “Chinese Language” enrichment program in more than 50 secondary schools for second-year students.

The administration said that the program will benefit more than 3,000 students, who will be taking one class per week during proficiency enrichment classes. The class will be equipped with audio and visual aids to display the content of the Chinese language enrichment program, which the Ministry of Education selects.

Source: Saudi Press Agency