Capital’s secretariat industry seizes 3,601 violations and closes 29 shops

During the past months of Ramadan and Shawwal, the Office of Industry and Commerce in the Capital Municipality seized 3,601 commercial violations, and closed 29 shops in the various districts of the Municipality.

The director of the Office of Industry and Commerce in the Municipality, Majed Al-Sada, told Saba, that the process of controlling the violations took place during field campaigns carried out by the monitoring and field committees of the office and its branches in the directorates, which targeted 31,987 commercial establishments.

He indicated that the violations included raising prices, not publishing a price list, selling without invoices, underweight, lack of a scale, damaged and expired materials that violate specifications, health requirements, commercial fraud, improper storage, refusal to inspect, and others.

Al-Sada clarified the commitment of 16 thousand and 631 commercial establishments, and the distribution of 11 thousand and 913 circulars and notices of attendance.. stressing that seizure reports were issued for 3 thousand and 443 catering violations, and 93 violations were referred to the Public Prosecution, and legal measures and financial fines were taken against a number of other violations.

He pointed out that the office and its branches in the directorates launched earlier this week, a campaign to announce the new price list to markets, centers and shops in the municipality and work to implement it within the directives of the Minister of Industry and Trade and the Mayor of the Capital before starting the process of arresting violators.

He mentioned that the field teams distributed more than 8,000 lists advertising the reduced prices set by the ministry during the campaign, stressing that the office allowed a week for all merchants to settle their situation and that the process of apprehending violators will begin next Saturday with the participation of the local authority in all districts.

The Director of Industry in the Municipality praised the merchants cooperating with the Ministry and the office, stressing at the same time the need for all merchants to adhere to the new price list, stressing that the Industry Bureau would not tolerate violators.

He confirmed the continuation of the work of the field teams to monitor the implementation of the new price list in all markets, centers and shops in the Municipality directorates, and to control violations.

Al-Sada called on citizens to cooperate and activate societal oversight in controlling prices and reporting any price and supply violations, by contacting the operations room on the toll-free number 174.

Source: Yemen News Agency