Borrell: Libya is a major player in stability of Mediterranean, North Africa and the Sahel.

Tripoli, High Representative for Foreign Affairs and Vice-President of the European Commission, Josep Borrell stressed that Libya is a major player in the stability of the Mediterranean, North Africa and the Sahel.

It is clear that the security and prosperity of Europe are linked to each other, so what is good for Libya is good for Europe ready to do its part. In his own blog, Borrell revealed, after his recent visit to Libya, a clear Libyan request to strengthen the European Union's support for southern Libya to address the issue of illegal immigration, explaining that the Libyan request is to use the European Union Border Assistance Mission and other European tools to achieve an integrated approach linking the administration of Borders, security, job creation and improvement of basic services.

The European representative of the Commission cautioned the importance of taking into account that the current security situation in the region makes it impossible to establish a stable international presence on the ground, noting that the risks posed by instability in Libya are very clear with the number of weapons in circulation and the possibility of its vast uncontrolled areas turning into havens for organized crime. and terrorism. Borrell added that the crisis that erupted in the Sahel region due to the events that took place in Libya in 2011 and the death of Chadian President Idriss Deby in a clash with rebels coming from Libyan lands is a cause for concern.

Source: Libyan News Agency