Berri marks 41 years since the absence of Imam alSadr and his companions, vows to continue honoring the Imam’s teachings in defense of the nation and its unity

Marking the 41st commemoration of the absence of Imam Moussa al-Sadr and his two companions, House Speaker Nabih Berri delivered an address this evening during a popular and official ceremony organized by Amal Movement in the Southern city of Nabatiyeh.

Berri paid tribute to the absented Imam and his valued teachings, vowing to always pursue his march of defending the homeland and its unity and national reconciliation.

Addressing the crowd of political officials, diplomats, prominent figures, Palestinian delegations and family members and supporters of the absented Imam, the House Speaker confirmed pursuing all efforts "to free the Imam and his comrades from the detention centers of Libya and the borders of conspiracy," stressing that "there are no words in our vocabulary other than their liberation."

"I affirm my commitment as Amal Movement Chief and within the Parliament Presidency, and I share this commitment with the Lebanese State," he said, noting that "rallying around this cause demonstrates Lebanon's adherence to this priority."

Berri refused "any cooperation with Libya, until this issue is clarified."

The House Speaker praised the Lebanese judiciary for its efforts in this regard, reiterating his call on the government and state apparatuses to "work relentlessly to follow up on this issue in Libya," pointing out that "the judicial investigator in Lebanon has issued arrest warrants in absentia against Saif al-Islam and nine others, to be transferred to the Interpol."

Moving on to recent developments in wake of the Israeli violations against Lebanon, the House Speaker said: "Our battle with Israel is a continuation of the battle of the Hussein," adding, "We meet here in Nabatiyeh, in a field of al-Jihad, where one of the confrontations with the Zionist enemy began..."

"Amal Movement, similar to the resistance axis, has verified that there is no American war on Iran, and that negotiations with Tehran occur through French channels. Hence, Israel was only left with Lebanon's arena to adjust the balance of power, and accordingly breached the clash rules existing since August 14, 2006," Berri went on.

He denounced "the Israeli attack against the Beirut suburb region" while praising the "national unity which has emerged in face of this aggression," calling on Amal Movement to "maintain a state of alert to show the enemy that every inch of Lebanon is a resistance constituent."

Berri reiterated herein that the "army, people and resistance" is a tri-partite equation that unites the Lebanese.

He also revealed that "negotiations have existed since five years, in the presence of the United Nations, to demarcate the land and sea borders, but the Israelis try to evade them each time."

Touching on the many challenges facing the Lebanese society, Berri referred to the dangerous threat of "captagon and heroin" drugs used to target the system of values and ethics in Lebanon, hinting at the enemy's contribution to this issue. He, thus, called for social awareness and resistance to ward off these dangers, and urged the state to shoulder its responsibility in putting an end to drug traffickers.

Over the prevailing economic conditions, Berri said: "We must declare an economic emergency to implement what was agreed upon in Baabda, under the President of the Republic, and also to implement the laws passed, which have exceeded fifty laws, that meet the Lebanese citizens' needs."

"It is necessary to implement the Taef Agreement in its full content, because it renders us on the verge of a civil state, away from sectarianism," he added, pointing as well to "the need to establish a Senate."

At the political level, Berri reminded that the "Liberation and Development Bloc" has submitted a new vote law for the upcoming parliamentary elections.

On the regional scene, the House Speaker stressed that "Palestine remains the main issue, followed by the tragedy of Yemen", calling for "adopting the language of dialogue to resolve it and to prevent divisions."

He expressed optimism towards "the signals issued by Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates, and similarly Iran, towards the attempts to end this war."

Over the situation in Syria, Berri said: "It is still exposed to conspiracies targeting its unity." He added, "Lebanon is concerned with what is happening in Syria and vice versa," declaring that "we are with Syria and the unity of its people, and we are against the siege on the Republic of Iran for the past 40 years, due to its principle stance in support of Palestine."

Berri hoped that "Egypt would generalize its perspective on the Nile waters, and to triumph over terrorism," while hoping that "our brethrens in Sudan would celebrate the implementation of the recent agreement," and that "Tunisia would be a model in its constitutional mandate."

The House Speaker concluded his speech by paying special tribute to the people of Tyre and its province with regards to the by-elections, calling on supporters to vote for Hezbollah's candidate, Hassan Ezzedine, in said elections.

Source: National News Agency