Jeddah to Host Lift City Expo 2023 on September 4 – 7

Jeddah will host the Lift City Expo 2023 and the 2nd International Exhibition and Conference for Elevators and Escalators Technologies, Attachments and Accessories from September 4 to 7, 2023.

Many local and regional companies and institutions are expected to take part.

The organizing committee said the exhibition is bound to play an important role in opening new foreign markets, which will secure a stronger return on investment, and in keeping pace with developments in construction and the projects taking place in the Kingdom that have had a positive impact on global manufacturers, and developed and localized the vertical transportation industry.

Lift City Expo Jeddah 2023 is bound to enjoy international attention, given that it will be held in the Saudi market, the most developed in the Gulf region and the Middle East, which is ideal for encouraging and developing the elevator manufacturing sector in the Kingdom; the sector is witnessing great growth and progress due to the growing number of projects planned or already under construction.

The exhibition provides an opportunity for exhibitors to meet peers and specialists from various countries through a series of seminars and workshops, which will help them keep pace with the latest trends and technologies in the elevator industry.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Visits Turkish Technic Company

Minister of Industry and Mineral Resources Bandar bin Ibrahim Al-Khorayef has visited the headquarters of Turkish Technic Company, the maintenance and repair arm of Turkish Airlines, the leading domestic provider of services and technical solutions for commercial airlines and private aircraft, during his official visit to Turkiye.

Al-Khorayef was briefed on the latest technologies used in aircraft maintenance and repair. He also discussed with company officials enhancing partnerships, reviewing the objectives of the national strategy for industry, and the investment opportunities it provides in several vital sectors. He also discussed enhancing cooperation in the Fourth Industrial Revolution and advanced manufacturing technologies.

The Minister’s visit to Turkiye aimed at strengthening bilateral ties in the industrial and mining sectors, increasing non-oil exports between the two countries, and attracting qualitative investments in various targeted sectors.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

KSrelief Assistant Supervisor meets with South Sudanese Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Prevention

Assistant General Supervisor of the King Salman Humanitarian Aid and Relief Center (KSrelief) for Operations and Programs, Eng. Ahmed bin Ali Al-Baiz, held a meeting in Riyadh yesterday with the Minister of Humanitarian Affairs and Disaster Prevention of South Sudan, Albino Akol Atak Mayom.

During the meeting, the two parties discussed common humanitarian and relief concerns and explored avenues for their enhancement.

The Sudanese Minister commended the exceptional professionalism exhibited by KSrelief and its dedication to assisting countries and populations worldwide affected by various challenges and crises.

Source: Saudi Press Agency

President Al-Mashat visits Amran province

His Excellency Field Marshal Mahdi Al-Mashat, Head of the Supreme Political Council, visited Sufyan District, Amran province.

The President, along with Amran’s Governors , Dr. Faisal Juman, and Al-Jawf Faisal bin Haider, and the Chief of the General Staff, Major General Muhammad Al-Ghamari, were briefed on the needs of the people of Harf Sufyan District for service and development projects according to the available capabilities.

President Al-Mashat met a number of the district’s people, sheikhs, notables, and social figures, stressing the Supreme Political Council’s interest in the district’s people and meeting their needs for projects.

He said, “Today we are preparing to welcome the anniversary of the honorable birth of the Prophet, and the sons of Sufyan will celebrate this occasion in a distinguished way to tell the world that our connection to our Prophet Muhammad, may God’s prayers and peace be upon him and his family, is great, and our celebration of the anniversary of his birth is a source of honor and pride for all the Yemeni people.”

President Al-Mashat called for concern for the poor and needy, and for sympathy and compassion, out of joy on this solemn religious occasion. He praised the heroic roles of the sons of Sufyan in confronting the American-Saudi aggression during the past nine years, and for making great sacrifices.

He stressed that the fronts know the journeys and tours of Sufyan’s sons, and many of them are leaders on the various fronts of pride and dignity, which requires them to bear the great responsibility of doubling their efforts until achieving freedom, independence and victory for the Yemeni people.

The President warned of the enemy’s plans, which seek to stir up disputes and conflicts among the Yemeni people to target the unity of the national ranks.

He stressed the necessity of resolving disputes between citizens by fair means, as this is one of the factors of steadfastness.

President Al-Mashat also visited Khamer District in Amran province, and met with a crowd of district residents, sheikhs, notables, and social figures who welcomed the President to visit the district.

He was briefed on the needs of the people of the Directorate and their requirements for development ,service projects, and listened to their concerns and aspirations in various aspects.

He praised the positions of the people of the Khamer National Directorate and their steadfastness in the face of the American-Saudi aggression over the past years.

He stressed interest in meeting the needs of citizens in the directorate for service and development projects according to what is available and possible.

He was accompanied during the visit by the heads of the Zakat and Endowment Commissions, Sheikh Shamsan Abu Nashtan, and the Endowments Authority, Abdul Majeed Al-Houthi, the Chairman of the Supreme Agricultural and Fisheries Committee, Ibrahim Al-Madani, the Commander of the Fifth Military Region, Major General Youssef Al-Madani, and the Director of the Prime Minister’s Office, Taha Al-Sufyani.

Source: Yemen News Agency