Lana International News Editor: Streaming Visits By Inter. Leaders Gives Impression Of Recovery And Shows Libya Moving Forward On Right Path.

Tripoli, The Libyan capital is witnessing, since the National Unity Government assumed power, an active political and diplomatic activity on the regional and international levels, the numerous visits by leaders which reflect the geo-political importance of Libya, and the international support for peace and stability in the country. It is an indication that Libya is back on the regional stage and can contribute to international issues such as combating the terrorism and illegal migration.

The international news editor has commented on these activities by saying the visits reflect the importance of Libya, and the role it can play to ensure international security and stability, and its importance in regard to advancing development programs in its Arab surrounding and in the Mediterranean and Africa.

The international attention for Libya manifested by the visits by foreign leaders, especially the Europeans is an indication of Libya’s moving on the right path, the Editor wrote.

This positive setting creates right conditions for those pushing for elimination of violence, hatred and for restoration of stability and national reconciliation.

The Editor concluded by inviting the new executive authorities in Libya to avail on this opportunity of international support to underline the national sovereignty of the state, and independence of the Libyan decision, by curbing foreign intervention in Libyan business, and to work towards improving the living conditions for Libyans, and facilitating travel and transportation of goods into the country and resuming flights to and from Libyan cities.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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