In Telephone Conversation With Al Mnefi: Arab Maghreb Secretary General Voices His Desire To Visit Libya.

Tripoli, The Secretary General of the Arab Maghreb Union Al Tayeb Al Bakoush has expressed his desire to visit Libya during a phone call with the President of Presidency Council Mohamed Al Mnefi as soon as possible.

According to the Council’s Communication Office the two men discussed on the phone importance of re-activating the Arab Maghreb Union for countries of the region.

However, the President of Presidency Council had discussed with Tunisian President Qeis Saied, during the latter’s visit to Tripoli, and also with the Mauritanian Foreign Minister importance of re-activating the Arab Maghreb Union.

Al Mnefi stressed that Libya being the current Chairman of the Union Maghreb Union would do what it could at this juncture to achieve this goal in collaboration with other countries, and will extend invitations to convene a meeting of the suspended Arab Maghreb Union institutions at all levels.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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