Deputy Prime Minister Meets MPs Of Southern Region.

Tripoli, Deputy Prime Minister Ramadan Bujnah on Sunday held a meeting with members of Parliament from the Southern region to discuss how best can services be offered and upgraded to the region .

The Deputy Prime Minister stressed the need for meetings to be continued on the follow up of projects earmarked for the southern region to better living conditions for the local communities.

Bujnah made a tour of the southern region getting a firsthand account about life in the villages and town across the region, and the dire conditions of the healthcare system, electricity and other services there.

He stressed the importance of following up on these dire conditions, indicating that some practical steps have already ben taken, including an agreement with the National Oil Company to set up a plant to fill cooking gas canisters with a capacity of 7000 canisters per day, and the opening of an oil institute in the southern region, and a clinic to be run by the National Oil Company in Sebha the largest city in the area.


Source: Libyan News Agency

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