Siala: Emphasizes The Utmost Importance That The Libyan State Attaches To The Issue Of Retrieving Smuggled.

Tripoli, (LANA) The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord, Muhammad al-Tahir Siala, emphasized the utmost importance that the Libyan state attaches to the issue of retrieving smuggled funds and its impact on the right to development of the Libyan people.

In a speech during the opening session of the 46th session of the United Nations Human Rights Council , on Wednesday, via closed circuit television, Siala stressed the importance of the state's right to manage and invest its frozen funds in preparation for its release for investment in reconstruction, establishment of development projects, and the strengthening of the service sector in the state. Also achieving aspects of security, stability, peace and societal progress.

He noted the necessity of concerted efforts to address and curb the phenomenon of illegal immigration and combat transnational organized crime.

The Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Government of National Accord concluded his speech by affirming that the current situation in Libya requires us to work diligently to preserve the outcomes of the Berlin Dialogue and move forward to exit the transitional phase by reaching parliamentary and presidential elections.

Source: Libya News Agency