Foreign Affairs Minister Nassif Hitti received this Thursday, from the Chinese Ambassador to Lebanon, Wang Kejian, a donation by the Chinese embassy to government hospitals in Lebanon, consisting of 17,500 medical masks, 1500 units of medical protective clothing, 1320 protective glasses, and 1,000 pairs of shoes.   Minister Hitti thanked the People’s Republic of China, […]

Italian Ministry Of Defense: Operation “IRINI” Is Not A Solution To The Problem, But Is Part Of The Solution

Rome- Italian Defense Minister, Lorenzo Guirini said that the European “IRINI” operation to monitor the arms embargo to Libya is not the solution to the problem, as the European Union’s High Representative, Joseph Borrell, said, but it is part of the solution, noting that it had achieved excellent results. Guirini, during his visit to the […]

The Algerian Presidency: We Are Ready To Embrace A Libyan-Libyan Dialogue That Ends The Crisis And Preserves Libyan Sovereignty

Algeria- The spokesperson for the Algerian presidency, “Mohand Ousaid Belaid,” said that Algeria is ready to embrace the dialogue of the competing Libyan parties, noting that the Algerian initiative exists because it is desirable from the Libyan brothers. “Belaid” added, during a press conference, Tuesday, that Algeria has good relations with all parties involved in […]

The Arab League: We Are Afraid Of The Repetition Of The Syrian Scenario In Libya And We Are Ready To Bridge The Rift Between The Libyans

Cairo- The League of Arab States expressed its hope that the Accord government in Libya will announce a positive position on the “Cairo Declaration,” indicating that no one wants to repeat the Syrian scenario in Libya. The Assistant Secretary-General of the League of Arab States, “Hossam Zaki,” said that the League did not believe for […]

The German “Sea Watch” Organization Refuses To Return The Migrants To Libya And Calls For The Provision Of Safe Ports For Them

Berlin- The German “Sea Watch” organization working in the field of rescuing migrants in the Mediterranean refused to return migrants to Libya, stressing that it will continue to pressure the authorities in Malta and Italy to allocate a safe port for the landing of migrants. The Italian news agency “Aki” quoted from the spokesperson for […]