Tripoli: April Clashes, Humanitarian Update – Facts and Figures #4 (09 April 2019)

Overview of Key Developments:

Six days into the escalation of clashes in and around Tripoli, the humanitarian community remains concerned about the increasing humanitarian impact of the escalation of violence.

3,400+ individuals have been displaced to comparatively areas in Tripoli, Bani Waleed and Tarhuna

1,400 refugees and migrants are currently in proximity to conflict-affected areas in the Qasr Ben Gashir DC and Ain Zara DC Concerns remain for civilians caught in conflict-affected areas, who are unable to leave the affected areas

Statement issued by the Humanitarian Coordinator, calling on parties to adhere to IHL and allow for humanitarian access

Key Concerns:

FIGHTING AFFECTING CIVILIANS: The security situation in and around Tripoli remains volatile and unpredictable. Shelling on residential areas has been reported, in many cases emergency services are unable to reach the wounded and injured.

PROTECTION OF CIVILIANS: The DSRSG/HC/RC, has reminded all parties of their obligations to ensure the safety of all civilians and civilian infrastructure, and to allow unimpeded and sustained humanitarian access to all affected area. The UN is further advocating for the release of all persons trapped in DCs in vicinity of the clashes and the relocation of the most vulnerable to the GDF.

LOW FUNDING LEVELS: The 2019 HRP remains only 6% funded. Additional funding will be required to respond to the newly emerging needs.

Source: UN Office for the Coordination of Humanitarian Affairs