Berri from Qatar: Lebanon’s security and monetary stability sustained

Speaker of the House, Nabih Berri, maintained that security and the monetary stability in Lebanon were sustained, despite the state finances' crisis.

"I cannot conceal the presence of crises relevant to deficit in the state finances, in addition to demands related to the environment, electricity and the creation of job opportunities in our country," Berri told the Lebanese Diaspora at a reception ceremony hosted in his honor by the Lebanese Ambassador to Qatar, Hassan Najm.

"Lebanon's security and monetary stability is sustained," he said, stressing that "Lebanon's recuperation of its economic peace relies on the continuous support of its brothers, friends and sons."

Moreover, Berri indicated that the time had come to resolve the refugee crisis, highlighting the necessity to communicate with the Syrian state and to open the Nassib border crossing.

"It is also time for Lebanon to have a position alongside the countries of the East like Egypt and Syria, and to start oil and gas drillings," he said.

Moreover, Berri renewed support for the Palestinian people and their right to self-determination and to a Palestinian state with al-Quds as its capital, as well as for Syria's unwavering right to its Golan Heights.

Accordingly, he underlined that Lebanon was utterly ready to withstand challenges that might result from the Israeli enemy's maneuvers along its northern front.

He also highlighted the importance of the "diamond equation" embodied by the people, the Resistance and the army, and which led to victory, stressing that it also constitutes the "equation of deterrence."

Furthermore, Berri called for the normalization of Qatar's ties with the Gulf and Egypt, and for political solutions in Syria, Yemen and Libya.

He also highlighted the necessity to form an international front to combat terrorism.

Source: National News Agency