Update: Libya crisis – fighting flares on outskirts of Tripoli

TRIPOLI�Fresh fighting has flared near the Libyan capital, Tripoli, between pro-government forces and rebel fighters from the east of the country.

Reports say clashes between Gen Khalifa Haftar's rebels and pro-government groups are taking place in three suburbs to the south of the city.

Tripoli is the base of the UN-backed, internationally recognised government.

UN troops in the capital have been placed on high alert.

Libya has been torn by violence and political instability since long-time ruler Muammar Gaddafi was deposed and killed in 2011.

The UN's Libya envoy has insisted that a planned conference on possible new elections will still go ahead.

UN envoy Ghassan Salame said that the conference planned for April 14-16 would still be held in time, despite the escalation � unless compelling circumstances force us not to.