Salama Urges Parties to the Conflict to Military Escalation and to Return to Political Process

Tripoli-The UN Special Envoy to Libya Ghasan Salama has urged parties to the conflict in Libya to decrease military escalation and return to political process, saying the goal of UNSMIL was to achieve peace and support the Libyan people. The UN is working on the political settlement, and would not approve of any military solutions, Salama said at a press conference at the Presidency Council media centre. The mission is closely following up the battle fronts around the capital and seeks to protect civilians. As for the National Gathering Conference Salama said it was the way out of the political stalemate, and added that the mission would not relinquish is work at this difficult juncture and we will convene the National Gathering Conference unless we were faced with forced by formidable circumstances to delay it.

Source: Libya News Agency