German Ambassador to UN: Security Council Called on Libyan National Army to Halt Military Moves

New York-German Ambassador to the UN Christoph Heusgen who presides over the Security Council for April has said 'the Council had called on the Libyan National Army to halt all military moves.' The Council has called for an end to military escalation, and said there was no military solution to the conflict', the Representative, who was reading a statement after a closed meeting during which it was briefed on the military activities near Tripoli, said, adding that it threatened stability, UN mediation and a comprehensive solution to the crisis. This came after the Security Council held a emergency meeting at the request of Britain. Meanwhile, the UN secretary General said on leaving Tripoli after a meeting with the President of the Presidency Council 'I am departing Libya with a lot of worry in my heart, and I feel deeply concerned, I still hope that bloody confrontation in Tripoli still can be avoided.' The Security Council on Friday expressed concern over the increasing military activities near Tripoli which it said threatened the stability of the country.

Source: Libya News Agency