DTM Libya – Tripoli Flash Update (06 April 2019)

Following the escalation of armed conflict in Suq Al Khamis, Aziziya and southern Tripoli on 05 April, over the past 24 hours at least 310 households (approximately 1,550 individuals) have been displaced to other areas in Tripoli, Bani Waleed and Tarhuna.

Conflict-affected neighborhoods include Qasr Ben Gashir, Wadi Al Gharbi and the southern part of Tarig Al Matar. Most displaced families are reportedly staying with family in private accommodation.

Furthermore, approximately 3,900 migrants are currently in 8 detention centers (DCs) in Tripoli out of which 1,300 are currently in close proximity to conflict-affected areas in Qasr Ben Gashir DC and Ain Zara DC. Reportedly, the 60 migrants previously in detention in Salah Edeen DC were released on 05 April and are assumed to have dispersed in urban areas in Tripoli.

Source: International Organization for Migration