BOAO, China, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Media representatives from 20 Asian countries shared their perspectives on the media’s role in global governance and Asian media’s cooperation in the “omnimedia” era during one of the roundtable discussions at the Boao Forum for Asia Annual Conference 2019, which was initiated by the China Media Group and […]Read More →

DUBAI, UAE, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — In the course of some changes of the real estate platform All-Realestates the previous managing director and main contact person Mr. Ketan Tuteja is no longer working for the company All Realestates Ltd. since September 2018. The real estate platform in the United Arab Emirates All-Realestates specializes in the […]Read More →

JAKARTA, Indonesia, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Technology provider GreenGold has been awarded a ReCYN design and installation contract with PT Agincourt Resources’ Martabe gold project in Northern Sumatra, Indonesia. Jakarta and Perth based company will deliver the project with preferred fabricators for specialist equipment packages. Martabe, which is one of the largest gold mines […]Read More →

غيتيغا، بوروندي، 28 آذار/مارس، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — احتفلت شركة لوميتيل Lumitel، وهي ماركة مجموعة فيتيل في جمهورية بوروندي، بعيد تأسيسها الرابع في السوق بنمو قدره 225 بالمئة في العام 2018، محققة أرباحا ما قبل الضريبة بقيمة 7.3 مليون دولار. في العام الماضي وحده، شهدت العلامة التجارية زيادة في عدد المشتريكن بلغت […]Read More →

المدير السابق لمشروع البنية التحتية في الغابون والحاكم البريطاني السابق لجبل طارق سيقود التزام بيكتل المتواصل بتوسيع النمو الاقتصادي للقارة ريستون، فرجينيا، 28 آذار/مارس، 2019 / بي آر نيوزواير / — عينت شركة بيكتل السير جيمس دتون، وهو الحاكم البريطاني السابق لمنطقة جبل طارق وضابط متقاعد من البحرية الملكية البريطانية، رئيسا إقليميا لأعمال الشركة في […]Read More →

Development environment ideal for blockchain services to flourish New features enhancing performance and scalability Intuitive Klaytn developer tools for service providers and developers SEOUL, South Korea, March 29, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Ground X, the blockchain subsidiary of the leading South Korean mobile platform, Kakao, has released its public testnet Baobab, along with the updated position […]Read More →

GITEGA, Burundi, 28 mars 2019 /PRNewswire/ — Lumitel, marque de Viettel Group en République du Burundi, a fêté son quatrième anniversaire sur le marché, avec une hausse de ses bénéfices de 225 pour cent pour l’année 2018, marquant ainsi un bénéfice avant impôts de plus de 7,3 millions USD. Rien que l’année dernière, la marque a enregistré une augmentation de 278 000 abonnés, […]Read More →

ORLANDO, Florida, March 28, 2019 /PRNewswire/ — National Airlines B747-400F flew from both Toronto, Canada and Amsterdam, Netherlands to Cyclone Idai-affected Mozambique with 70 thousand kilos of relief materials from the Canadian Red Cross Society. Cyclone Idai struck Mozambique on 14 March, killing and displacing thousands of people and causing damage all across the country.  Relief […]Read More →

The outside world knows Libya as an oilrich country. But this has not led to tangible benefits for people. Many Libyans get poorer every year. There are at least 823,000 people in need of assistance. Almost half of them � or 413,000 � are refugees and …Read More →

Population movementsAs of 27 March, 879 persons have been rescued/intercepted at sea by the Libyan Coast Guard in 10 operations in 2019. On 26 March, 117 refugees and migrants disembarked at the Tripoli Naval Base. UNHCR and its partner International M…Read More →