Al sarraj Chairs meeting on mechanism to implement projects in southern Libya

Tripoli-President of Presidency Council, Fayez Al sarraj chaired Tuesday in Tripoli a meeting that included deputy president of Presidency Cou8ncil, Abdusalam Kajman, member of the Council, Ahmed Hamza, Minister of Planning, Al taher Al Jihemi, Minister of Local Government, Milad Al Taher, the economic advisor to the president, Mohamed Al Hawij. The meeting focused on implementing development projects in southern Libya and rank such projects based on priorities to include service projects and providing basic needs to the public. The meeting is in line with the implementation of Presidency Council Decree No 1686/2018 approving extraordinary financial arrangements for the development of the south totaling one billion dinars. Al Sarraj stressed the need to speed up implementation of the decree and set up a committee to follow up and oversee its implementation.

Source: Libya News Agency