Supreme Commander of Libyan Armed Forces Visits Military College

Tripoli-Supreme Commander of the Libyan Armed Forces visited Monday Tripoli Military College to attend the Flag handover, follow up and inspection of the college. He was welcomed by Chief of General Staff of the Armed Forces, his aide and commander of the Military College. The supreme commander met chiefs of general staff, head of departments. Commander of the college welcomed the Supreme Commander and Chief of General Staff, praising their contributions to re-open the college. He said two batches were enrolled into the college, one for students with a university degree and another batch after secondary education. The supreme commander urged the chief of general staff to open all military colleges and secondary technical schools to accommodate all youth wishing to enroll into such military educational institutions. Following the meeting the supreme commander granted permission to hand over the flag from the military college to student battalion, after which he made a tour of the college utilities, and was briefed on training programmes and needs of the college. At the end of the tour the supreme commander was given the college shield in appreciation for his efforts for stability and security and his endeavours to get the country out of its current crisis.

Source: Libya News Agency