Minister of Transport Issues Decision to Review Fares on ‘Libyan’ and Afriqiyah Airlines

Tripoli-The GNA Minister of Transport Milad Ma'toug has issued Decision No. 62 of 2019, to set up a committee with the task of reviewing air fares on 'Libyan' and Afriqiyah Airlines. The first article of the decision stipulated that the committee be made up of directors of air transport, commerce and finance departments at the Libyan and Afriqiyah Airlines, in addition to representatives of the National Anti-Corruption Board and an air transport expert as observers. The Committee with be assigned to a thorough review of air fares on the said airlines, by studying all elements, items and costs on which the prices are being based, with the aim of reaching prices level that's compatible with the reality. The Decision said the Committee had 15 days to report back.

Source: Libya News Agency