Libyan Navy commemorates 33 rd anniversary of Gulf of Serte martyrs

Tripoli- The Libyan navy paid tribute Sunday, on the 33rd anniversary of martyrs, who were lost their lives 24 and 25 March 1986. Present for the tributeeds and non-commissioned officers of the Libyan Navy. A wreath was laid on the monument of the martyrs of the gulf and tribute statement was read out. Baquets of flowers were also thrown into high seas of the Mediterranean on March 18 in commemoration of the anniversray.The speed boat Wamidh and Cruiser Aeen Zaquth were targeted 24 and 25 March in 1986 in which 58 navy personnel lost their lives while carrying out their duties for the sake of Libyan sovereignty in an even confrontation with the US 6th Fleet.

Source: Libya News Agency