GNA Minister of Interior Meets Ambassadors of EU Countries

Tripoli-The GNA Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha has met with Ambassadors of EU countries and Charges D'affairs accredited to Libya. The meeting, which took place at the Cabinet headquarters here, dealt with the results of the Abu Dhabi Conference, on which Libyans pinned hope to unify state institutions and form a national unity government. According to the Cabinet website, the meeting aims to help the security directorates carry out their duties, and re-activate Police stations and combat administrative and financial corruption. 'We have given due attention to security across Libya and especially in the southern region, Pashagha said. He paid tribute to EUBAM for its interaction with the Interior Ministry, to protect Libyan southern borders. The Ambassadors expressed satisfaction for the state of security in a number of Libyan cities, which they said encourages return of their embassies to work from Tripoli as soon as possible.

Source: Libya News Agency