EU Ambassadors Hold Meetings With Senior Libyan Government Officials

Tripoli-The EU and European Countries Ambassadors to Libya on Wednesday held meetings with a number of Libyan senior officials including the President of the Presidency Council Fayez Al Serraj, the President of the High Council of State Khalid Al Meshri as well as the GNA Foreign Minister Mohamed Siala and Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha. The European Ambassadors involved in the meetings included in addition to the EU Ambassador, those of Austria, Belgium, Czech Republic, Finland, France, Germany, Hungary, Italy, Poland, Romania, Spain, Sweden and the United Kingdom. The meetings were devoted to exchanging viewpoints on the political and security situation in the country and the ongoing efforts to push the political process and end the transitional period. In a statement following the visit, the Ambassadors said it was an opportunity to express EU commitment to stability and democratic transition in Libya. The Ambassadors said they support the efforts being exerted by the UN Special Envoy Ghasan Salama to reach a political settlement. They urged the Government and the Libyan central Bank to work to provide basic services for all Libyan citizens, and called on the Government to honour their obligation under international human rights law.

Source: Libya News Agency