National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention Denies Influenza Outbreak, Says Situation Under Control

Tripoli-The National Centre for Disease Control and Prevention has dismissed that an announcement of a influenza case amounted to an outbreak of the disease, as rumors suggested. 'The situation is under control generally, and all indicators point to the case of infection as 'mere warning' for the health services of possible re-emergence of influenza, after it was eradicated back in the seventies, said Ramadan Osman, Head of the Monitor and Detection Department of NCDCP. 'Libya will not a be an infected country, and no high infection cases expected, given that the current season is not conducive to mosquito multiplication, he said. The Ministry of Health has declared a state of alert and took precautionary measures to prevent the spread of the disease in the city, he added. Osman appealed to the competent departments in the state to act to fight insects, to ensure a clean environment because it is the responsibility of all.

Source: Libya News Agency