Libya Crisis – ETS Situation Report #2 (Reporting Period: 21/12/2018 to 28/02/2019)


The ETS requires US$2.4 million to cover the implementation of its project plan in 2019. To date, it has received US$550,000 meaning it is 23% funded.

The ETS will establish customer support and Internet connectivity services and facilitate emergency community systems that are compliant with the country Security Management Team (SMT) for humanitarians at the new UN hub in Benghazi once it is operational.

Situation Overview

More than seven years after the revolution in Libya, hundreds of thousands of people across the country live in dire conditions. To respond to the urgent humanitarian needs for 552,000 most vulnerable people living in Libya, the United Nations together with the Government of National Accord launched the 2019 Humanitarian Response Plan (HRP2019), seeking US$202 million to continue providing health support, protection, water, and shelter. Many thousands of families are unable to afford food, water and basic household items, and forced to take desperate measures just to get through these difficult times.

An estimated 823,000 people, including 248,000 children, require urgent humanitarian assistance in Libya. Hundreds of thousands of refugees and migrants face grave human rights violations and abuse in the absence of rule of law.

Source: World Food Programme