Agreement to Lift Force Majeur on Al Sharara Oil Fields

United Arab Emirates-The President of the Presidency Council of the Government of National Accord Fayez Al Serraj held a meeting on Tuesday with the Chairman of the National Oil Company Mustafa Sun'allah, to discuss developments at the oil fields and state of the oil company. According to the Council's Communications Office, there was an agreement to lift the Force Majeur on the Al Sharara Oil Fields, and to get the non-competent bodies from the fields, and to put in place proper security arrangements, to prevent the last events recurring again. The President of the Presidency Council stressed that oil is a national property, that should not be involved in any political or military wrangling, blackmail or personal aims. The Government will not allow anyone to endanger the safety of oil personnel, and would take all measures to prosecute perpetrators of attacks both locally and abroad.

Source: Libya News Agency