President of PC discusses improving salaries of Health Sector: Tripoli-President of Presidency Council, Fayez Al Sarraj met Monday in Tripoli with representatives of the committee set up by the presidency council to rev

Media Office of the Presidency Council reported that the meeting focused on the outcome of the works of the committee and its recommendations, as several remarks were referred to the legal department at the Ministry of Justice for legal opinion, they also discussed proposed amendments to draft the decree on salaries comprehensively and fully. Director General of National Centre for Health System Development presented to the president measures taken to organize medical profession and offering of services through integrated health zones. In attendance were Deputy Minister of Health, Director General National Centre for Health System Development, Dr samir Saqer, Taher Abdulaziz from Health Syndicate, Abdulrahman Basher representative of legal Affairs, and head of the committee on study of salaries, Fawzi Awnis.

Source: Libya News Agency