Family of Imam Sadr visits Pope Francis, solicits support for Imam’s cause

Pope Francis received a visit from the family of Imam Moussa al-Sadr at the Vatican, whereby he assured that their "good deeds were a concrete interpretation of their words which stem from love for those in need," according to a statement by the family.

The Pope welcomed the family delegation headed by Rabab al-Sadr, the sister of the disappeared Imam, and listened with great interest to their narration of the "the exceptional personality of Imam Sadr, his thought, his approach and his achievements.

The delegation also relayed the story of the Imam's forced vanishing in Libya, along with his two companions.

The family explained in its statement that "the visit comes within the framework of following up on the issue of Imam al-Sadr's disappearance, in an attempt to obtain the support of the Holy See for this just cause, and to emphasize that it is not a family cause or a sect cause, but an international humane cause concerning the first Muslim religious figure to ever be invited to the Vatican to attend the coronation ceremony of the Pope in 1963. He prayed on the altar of the Church of the Capuchins Fathers in 1975 for the unity of Lebanon and the Lebanese."

The family said it intended to solicit the Supreme Pontiff's support to the cause, reassured that "the Pope, who recently signed the brotherhood and humanity document in the United Arab Emirates with the Sheikh of Al-Azhar will not hesitate to uphold the cause of a Muslim cleric who respected the right of difference, and who was confident that the message of the Lebanese was that of co-existence."

Source: National News Agency