Al Salak Holds Press Conference on Political and Economic Developments

The Official Spokesman of the President of the Presidency Council Mohamed Al Salak has said that the President has maintained, as to the situation in the South, that there was no animosity to any Libyan party, and that the goal of all Libyans was always to fight terrorism, organized crime, cross-border mercenaries and traffickers. Al Salak, who was speaking at a press conference here, said the President has renewed his call for joining ranks under the umbrella of legitimacy, stressing the path which the GNA has followed from the begining, that resolving political differences between Libyans should be conducted through the table rather than battle field. As for the oil fields in the South, Al Salak said 'the President has stressed the need to keep oil field away from political wrangling, to remain under administration of the internationally-recognized National Oil Company based in Tripoli, under protection of the Oil Installations Guards. As for the electoral process, Al Salak said the President has expressed his full support for laying out the proper environment for holding the presidential and legislative elections, and stressed that elections were the final resort for the Libyan people to chose their representatives, and also reaffirms his support for the National Gathering under UN Auspices. As for the economic reforms, the Spokesman said the President of the Presidency Council reaffirms continued cooperation with the Central Bank of Libya and other competent bodies on the issue of reforms, which will positively reflect on the citizens lives, indicating that the financial arrangement for 2019 were about to be finalized.

Source: Libya News Agency