Libyan Red Crescent Recovers 35 Bodies In Darna

TRIPOLI, Libya� The Libyan Red Crescent, on Tuesday, recovered 35 unidentified bodies in the eastern city of Darna, where the army is fighting the remaining terrorists holed up in the city centre.

Our teams managed to recover 35 unidentified bodies in the old town of Darna, the Red Crescent said, later Tuesday.

The bodies have been handed over to the authorities to take necessary measures, the Red Crescent added.

So far this month, a total of 55 unidentified bodies have been recovered in Darna.

The army, led by General Khalifa Haftar, is still fighting remnants of terrorists in central Darna, which the army took over in Jun, 2018, after besieging it for some three years.

The army is allied with the eastern-based House of Representatives, which competes with the internationally recognised Government of National Accord in western Libya, for control of the country.