Abu Al Ghaith: We Are Committed to Push Libyans for Dialogue to End Crisis

Addis Ababa-The Secretary of the Arab League Ahmed Abu Al Ghaith said he appreciated the spirit of solidarity among African countries in defence of the region and rights of its peoples, and said the Arab League was prepared to assist Libya overcome its crisis. Speaking at the opening session of the AU Summit here, Abu Al Ghaith said the situation in Libya was a scene of all challenges, and we want to express our commitment to support the Libyan state to reach stability and security, to resolve the crisis of migration and to spur Libyans to get out of the transitional period to the constitutional requirements to which all Libyans aspire.' Abu Al Ghaith noted the cooperation between the Arab League and the African Union in support of the political track in Libya, saying the Arab League looked to continue our joint effort in this regard.

Source: Libya News Agency