Interior Ministry Urges Members of the General Public to Cooperate With it to Uphold Security

Tripoli-The GNA Ministry of Interior has issued an appeal to members of the general public to cooperate with it, to uphold peace and security, key elements for stability and prosperity of the country. 'Prevention of crime is not just a responsibility of security men, but the general public have a role to play in this, by cooperating with security officials, to prevent crime and to protect lives and property, the Ministry said in a statement published by its Communications Office. The members of the general public are obviously keen to protect themselves and their property from criminals, thus they should start by good bringing-up of their children which will help create a peaceful and disciplined society, it said. 'Libya's security is of paramount importance, which will not be forsaken no matter the risks were, the statement said, indicating that security men would always protect law and order with all the might they have at their disposal. The Ministry said it would always remain committed to preserving of peace and stability of the country, by upgrading its forces and increasing their capabilities to fight crime and to launch pre-emptive measures to thwart criminals and outlaws.

Source: Libya News Agency