GNA Interior Minister Launches Tauegha Police Station

Tauergha-The GNA Interior Minister Fathi Pashagha attended the formal launch of the Tauergha Police Station, yesterday, as the town is witnessing a return of an increasing number of its inhabitants to their homes, years after they fled them after the fall of the defunct regime. The ceremony was attended by the Head of General Board of Culture , the Chairman of the Tauergha Local Council and the Chairman of the Misrata Municipal Council as well as a number of Police and Army officers. 'The Ministry is keen to establishing peace throughout the country, which is why is obligatory to re-open the Police Station in Tauergha after years of closure, Pashagah said at the event. The re-opening of the Police Station is the first step on the way of rehabilitating other productive and services institutions which will help provide a hounorable life for the inhabitants of Tauergha, he said.

Source: Libya News Agency