Joint meetings between High Council for Reconciliation in Tripoli and dignitaries of Werfella Tribes

Tripoli-Joint meetings between High Council for Reconciliation of Tripoli and dingatories of Werfella Tribes kicked off in Tripoli in line with the concerted efforts to broker a cease-fire and comprehensive reconciliation among the one people after the events in south of Tripoli. Speeches at the meeting stressed that such meetings and initiatives by wiremen and dignitaries are in line with their responsibilities to narrow differences and advocate reconciliation, to focus on development and construction rather than otherwise. Two committees were set up after the meeting to continue work started by Werfella delegation in Tarhuna city by calling all parties to truce and ceasefire completely and officially. Werfela delegation comprising 30 members arrived Sunday in Tripoli to continue their efforts to broker a final and comprehensive reconciliation following recent developments seen by south of Tripoli.

Source: Libya News Agency