Riachy from Kuwait: Economic summit to ‘pump oxygen’ into Lebanon

Caretaker Minister of Information, Melhem Riachy, maintained that the imminent Arab economic summit was hoped to reinvigorate Lebanon as it would "pump oxygen" into the country's national economy, especially with the participation of Arab businessmen and the expected effects of CEDRE conference.

"The economic summit will beget multiple positive results on Lebanon," Riachy said during a meeting with the Lebanese Diaspora in Kuwait.

"Until now, there is no main hurdle to hold the summit," he stressed.

"There is a political position refusing to hold the summit, but this doesn't mean there are practical obstructions," he explained.

On Libya's absence from the summit, he said that Prime Minister-designate, Saad Hariri, would announce Lebanon's official position within the next hours.

Moreover, Riachy highlighted the keenness of the Lebanese on forming the government in the nearest time possible, reminding that the Lebanese Forces party has called for a mini Cabinet.

He also indicated that the current Caretaker government would be refloated if a new one wasn't formed within a couple of weeks.

Pertaining to the AFC Asian Cup 2019, Riachy indicated that he was behind the decision to air the matches via Tele Liban.

"The Lebanese people have the right to watch their national team play," he underlined.

In response to a question, Riachy indicated that he had discussed Lebanon's dossier in a meeting behind closed doors with the prince of Kuwait, confirming that ties between the Lebanese and Kuwaiti Ministries of Information is excellent.

He added that he held talks with his Kuwaiti counterpart, and they agreed on bolstering the bilateral relations.

Source: National News Agency