BEIRUT, Lebanon- Caretaker Foreign Minister, Gebran Bassil, expressed his regrets that Libya will not be participating in the Beirut summit, in a letter sent to his Libyan counterpart.

"I also want to express my rejection and refusal for the actions that were taken in Lebanon, against Libya's participation in the Beirut summit. These actions do not reflect my position or the position of Lebanon," said Bassil, in his letter to Mohamed Siala.

Siala said that his country's delegation will not participate in the summit due to Lebanese authorities at Beirut's airport, preventing Libyan businessmen from entering, and to protest offending of the Libyan flag.

Lebanon's Amal Movement announced a few days ago that the Libyan delegation will be forbidden from entering Lebanon to attend the Arab Economic and Social Development Summit scheduled for later this month.

The Amal Movement also announced a plan to launch nationwide protests, to close the airport, ahead of the Beirut summit, in a bid to prevent the Libyan delegation from taking part in the event.

The Amal supporters Sunday, took down Libyan flags from outside Beirut's Biel Centre, where the summit is expected to be held, and replaced them with their own to protest against Libya's participation in the summit.

Lebanon has been accusing Libya of being responsible for the disappearance of Musa al-Sadr, the most prominent and charismatic Shiite voice, in the decade before the outbreak of the Lebanese civil war in 1975.

Al-Sadr disappeared alongside Sheikh Muhammad Yaacoub and journalist, Abbas Badreddine, during an official visit to Libya in Aug, 1978.