GNA Foreign ministry Issues Statement on Libya’s Decision not to Attend Arab League Summit

Tripoli-The GNA Foreign Ministry on Monday issued a statement in which it outlined its decision not to attend the Arab League economic summit in Beirut. 'The President of the Presidency Council has responded to the invitation extended by President of Lebanon Michael Auon, out of his conviction of the importance of convening such a meeting under the umbrella of the Arab League, to serve the interests of Arab peoples, the statement said. The statement went on to say 'But due to the fact that the host country has failed to observe, in good faith, the diplomatic norms and traditions to a sisterly country, and the negative aspects which emerged, including: 1- Undermining the Libyan flag which was lowered and messed with under the gaze of all, which is considered an undermining of a symbol of a sovereign state. 2- Banning Libyan business delegation from entering Lebanese territories and attending a business forum by Arab Chambers, a meeting held on the sidelines of the summit. 3- The unwarranted onslaught by some official Lebanese parties on participation of Libya in the summit under false pretexts. 4- Conflicting statements by Lebanese officials over Libya's delegation participation in the summit. 5- Lack of seriousness in security arrangements needed to ensure safety of delegation. 6- Total absence of protocol arrangements, which is customary in this case, such as issuing visas etc.. The statement said 'we were surprised by such actions which only undermines the image of their perpetrators, and serve none but the enemies of the nation. 'Libya is proud of its Arab belonging, and of being a key player in the Arab joint action network, but regrets being treated in such a way that is not compatible with its history and role , and which obliges it to boycott the meeting, after it became clear that the host country has made no effort to make the appropriate atmosphere in accordance with its obligations and in line with traditions being observed in such meetings, the statement added. The statement concluded by demanding the Lebanese Government to urgently clarify its position, and urged the Arab League Secretary General to clarify the position of the Arab League vis a avis these actions by the Lebanese state as a host country and member of the Arab League.

Source: Libya News Agency