Bou Assi: Solution lies in Aoun’s receiving cabinet proposal from Hariri and sending it to Parliament for confidence voting after deliberation

Caretaker Social Affairs Minister, Pierre Bou Assi, stressed Sunday that the solution to the current stalemate situation lies in the President of the Republic's receiving from Prime Minister-designate Saad Hariri a proposed cabinet structure, which he would in turn send to the Parliament Council for votes of confidence following deliberation.

The Minister regretted the prevailing impression in the country that there is no government at this stage. He considered that the blockage in the cabinet formation and building of the state and its infrastructure, as well as overcoming the public debt, would lead to increased tension that we wish to avoid.

Speaking in an interview with "Voice of Lebanon" Radio Station in Dbayeh earlier today, Bou Assi said: "The main objective for the Lebanese Forces is to form a government, and if this is not possible at present, what should we do with the rights of the people? It is necessary to approve the budget and reactivate the cabinet because the worst thing to do is to paralyze the State."

He continued to indicate that "the blocked horizon regarding the government formation is not linked to the presence of Syria or Libya in the Arab Economic Summit in Beirut, but is related to the lack of respect for the Constitution."

The Minister warned that "the most critical thing that can happen to Lebanon is to become isolated," adding that this would be "the best gift for those who want to paralyze the government."

Touching on the civil movements and demonstrations, Bou Assi deemed that "the Constitution guarantees the right to demonstrate for any issue while ensuring respect for public regulations, laws and public and private property," adding that any movement cannot achieve its outcome if it does not have a clear framework, good structure and well-defined demands.

On the visit of US Undersecretary of State for Public Affairs to Lebanon, Bou Assi said "David Hale is carrying a message to Lebanon that the United States will not intervene if things develop in the South." However, the Minister hoped that in wake of any US intervention, that it would be in the interest of the Lebanese State's sovereignty.

Commenting on the southern borders' condition, Bou Assi described what happened as "critical because the tunnels are a serious issue which the State had no knowledge about." "There is no doubt that Israel has invested heavily in the matter," he added.

On the displaced Syrians' dossier, the Minister stressed that "the international community is required to pressure the Assad regime to reassure refugees so that they can return to their safe villages, and all European countries should show encouragement in this direction as a first step before reconstruction."

Bou Assi highlighted herein Lebanon's inability to continue to host a million and a half displaced on its territory, regardless of their nationality.

Source: National News Agency